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A female injecting self with syringe
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Users can assess their own liklihood of risk for death from self injury by using the SPT program, here.

You have selected the SPT assessment program. If you answer all the questions, a report will appear on screen and tell you the degree of risk for death. It is possible to go back and edit your answers by pressing the RESTART button. You will also see a REFERENCE page which allows you to compare your scores with identified groups.

There will also be suggestions on what you can do to minimize these dangers, which you do not have to accept. The answers you enter will not be saved, and will be lost after you read the on screen report. However, it is possible for you to save the summary and print it out if you so choose. Look for the instructions after you have finished editing and reading the report.

This is a serious process, and you will have to make an appropriately serious effort to answer the questions. You may omit your name, address, voice and fax phone numbers, ssn, email, etc which can be used to identify you. However, you must give your gender, race, and age to the nearest year.

When activated the SPT computer program will allow you to establish the degree of risk for suicidal death in the next 12 months.


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