Day of the Dead, Yarn Painting
Day of dead, Yarn painting, contemporary


Death with dignity is possible for anyone who considers and acts upon the necessity for dealing with last things. This page contains suggestions which will help you take steps towards this goal. All of them require you to think of others, and delay suicidal actions temporarily, i.e. one day at a time.

1. The first suggestions is to deal with last things.
a. Giving personal property, pets and sentimental objects to
people who care about you.
b. Make plans for disposing of your body by burial, cremation, or any other means.
c. Saying goodby to people who will be concerned about your death
d. Making an effort to offer some wisdom to people you know
which may help them do better with their lives after you have died.

You can find more descriptions, details, and ideas about the meaning of death in the main menu items 06, and espcially in Chapter 7, section on Cancer.Discussion of Death

2. You can arrange for your organs to be donated to more than 50 people who are waiting for the medical miracle of continuing life with kidney, lung, eye, or other organs, from some one who does not need them in the future. Follow the links below for more information.

Organ donors needed
Volunteer for Medical Research

3. If you are convinced that you are better off dead, you may be able to help survivors who have lost some one to suicide. Check the web page of "solos" (survivors of suicide by loved ones) You may be able to tell them something that would ease their suffering.


4. You may want to volunteer as a subject for cancer therapy medications. Check the link to organizations seeking healthy people to participate in ongoing research.

Volunteer for Research

5. Some people find they get great relief from self mutilation, instead of seeking death. You may want to see what these people have to say at links below.

A personal Poem
What is Self Harm
Self Mutilation, an account

6. You may be able to share your good and bad feelings about suicide with others who also wish to kill themselves. Visit the USENET discussion list of those stating they want to kill themselves at Alt.Suicide.Holidays.

7. Death is serious. You need to give it significant attention if you are seeking to die. Your understanding and serious intentions are undermined if you are under the influence of a mind altering substance such as alcohol. The majority of suicidal deaths are under the influence of alcohol or another substance that induces depression, and thus is "unecessary" or impulsive.

This is more than drinking for "courage". You may want to try a short period of abstinence to test your judgment and sobriety. Any one can get "clean" for three or four days. If you have difficulty achieving four weeks, you may want to check the following links for suggestions

Prescription abuse

8. When you are ready to kill yourself, send a note, by email, or to the guest book on this page. This information will document actual number of deaths by visitors to this page, rather then predicted.

If you are comfortable adding your gender, age, & race that will permit more precise group descriptions of the visitors who went on to a suicidal death.

The above note will not lead to interference with your plans.
If or when you wish to call for assistance at any point, please use the LINK in large font at the start of this page.

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