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10.Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything else you would like to add?

right now i'm in one of those moods, i'm not happy, when in actuality, i have everything to be happy for. if i committed sui- cide, i would shoot myself in the head:

I cannot cope with the divorce that tore my family to pieces, because there was no reason for it. I've lost everything after 23 years, and therapy doesn't help. I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, and depression. And I'm tired of cry- ing. I'm tired of the lying, and stealing, and emotional abuse. I'm just tired. I'm supposed to be friends with my ex for the sake of my kids. This is impossible. There is much more to it than this. I want to die, but I'm not strong enough.

This could be the best planet if just people were less mean. suicide seems the only way

I need help but i don't know how to face my parent's again!!! do you know how i could do it???

I have done better homework and my last attempt, should I do it, will be by a certain toxin. It is embarrassing to have survived suicide and it won't happen next time.

yes i would just like to say is that my brother and my friend killed themselves and its the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

I think that it is good that there are organizations like this and I hope that maybe someday there will be some answers. I also am glad that there is someone that cares.

I feel alone

Death with honor

Is it normal to get really depressed and want to kill myself sometimes and then, other times I don't?

The love that I have for my family is the only thing that makes me get up in the morning, yet I don't know how much longer I can go on. What are you supposed to do when you feel pain. Why wonder about it.

god help you. it hurts to feel all this pain you know it's really

bad to want to die because of heartbreak and i'm going to die lonely and unloved. to make matters worse. God where are you, why won't you help me. Please help me!

I have had a basic plan when it comes to suicide and dying. If I had not become successful, financially, doing what I want for a living by age 32, I will commit suicide. Also, I have always been positive that I will die by that age somehow. I have always, and still am, sure that I will die an unnatural death.

I have contemplated the need to bring this life of pain to an end. I have made the decision that the time has come. There is nothing in the future that has not already been repeated in the past, I am destined to live it again. The thought of this is unbearable and I shall end the pain and fear of continuation.

My decision is God's decision as He, if religion is correct, determines the time that we die. By my own hand is as valid as any other natural or accidental means. Who are we to say that it was not God's action that by my own hand that I will pass on? Does not God control all and determine the outcome? Is this act I now commit not in fact God's? I truly believe it is and therefore it is natural that I should end my life today.

This act is in the natural order of events. I have tasted death once before and it is sweet, restful and safe from pain. It is a warm dark place that is void of fear, pain and emotions. A long sought rest.

i love suicide

a strong long lasting relationship is hard to get over.

past experiences that are the results of a pain killer overdose, there is a lot of throwing up and it is messy. tell me a fast way to kill my self

I have never considered these questions before

My cousin/best friend attempted suicide two months ago, but me and another friend told my pastor and she didn't do it. She is still alive but sometimes I think she will still do it. I don't know how to help her 'cause she won't listen to anyone.

Parents never understand why you do it life sucks then you die...i can't wait till I die life sux

I am 14 years old, and my best friend threatened to kill herself last night. I told my guidance counselor, who got help, like I knew she had to. I thought that my friend wanted help, though. I was not prepared at all for her reaction:she was horrified that I told. I am the only one she's ever trusted, and feel like since I betrayed her trust, she'll never trust anyone again. I really wish I could talk to someone who's gone through what I just have. Each of the four counselors I spoke to today kept telling me that I did the right thing. But I'm scared that the only person I trust, the one person I love right now will never speak to me again.

I just wanted to say that I realize now that suicide was not the

way to go. My life has been getting into shape since then, it's a

lot better now. It took me all that time to finally figure out

that i wanted to live. Why did it have to take so long?

I suffer from mental illness as well as physical ailments. There are many times that I just can not view life worth living. It doesn't matter that I have children, or a family. Life is just too painful.


I know that suicide will not only hurt you, but will hurt or affect many people around you. So please, if you are thinking about killing yourself for any reason, stop and ask yourself if it is really worth hurting yourself and everyone around you because of a problem that you can probably get help for. I am 16 years old and have tried suicide eight times till I had a great friend sit me down and made me think about what I was doing and all the consequences for my action. If you or you know someone who is planning on committing suicide, as a friend, sit down with them and just talk to them. Thank you.

The first time I tried to kill myself, I did it in the evening of the day I got released from the psych ward. That was two years a- go. But my suicidality hasn't gone away.-I think about it all the time.

Oh God help me! Please Save me from this human hell


I have used all of the methods listed on your page.

Suicide is stupid and pointless. Its taking the easy way out. So what, life is hard.. deal with it! I think suicide is just anoth- er way to run away from your problems. I'm 13 I've thought about it twice and tried it once.

Yes.. what if I know somebody who seriously tried to kill herself twice but was rescued by her parents

i am a ghosts and coming back to kill:everyone that comes in my path. thank you and have a nice day.

No Nothing just wished it was a success, but a failure, like my life

never get help. No one Cares! I want to die now, and will contin- ue to try until I succeed i am only 16

Yes just that I wanted to talk to someone

Anyone out there if you're thinking about committing suicide here's a great poem i recite when i think about it:

Razors pain you, Rivers are damp, Acids stain you, And drugs cause cramps, Guns aren't lawful, Nooses give; Gas smells awful, You might as well live! this is by Dorothy Parker.

i hope you will look at all possibilities before committing sui- cide it's not the only way out!

My Life Sucks
Death is cool!

What are the stats for gays and lesbians?

Somebody do something

I am writing a speech on teen suicide for my speech class at school and if anyone would like to help my e-mail is (deleted).

I plan on overdosing again soon!

i am a fat 20 year old who is depressed and sick of my life

How do you find some good poison. I don't want to blow up my head and make life for the ones I leave behind even worse. An instant killing poison just makes it easier on everyone. Besides, I love to sleep.

I love "goodbye" before I die.

I am not THAT far gone, yet.

my kids

wrote a will, but then I didn't die, so i was pissed off at that.

That's why it is doubtful the appropriateness of letting a suici- dal person knowing that other people similar to him/her are suicidal. The implicit message should be: nobody in your situa- tion would kill him/herself (if what you mean is suicide preven- tion) if only they worked !


I want to die


I hope that i die cause i hate my life and i don't think i belong

here and i hope i die and i want to kill myself right now de

pressed, sad, lonely.

i haven't actually attempted Suicide but i have contemplated it very highly and i really want to die.. the only real reason i haven't killed myself yet is for my girlfriend... but i don't think that will stop me much more ....wish I didn't feel this bad i never thought about dying until two years ago now its always in the back of my mind i cant pretend to be happy anymore i wish i would be content with small pleasures but i don't know who i am or how to be happy i spend everyday by myself and can feel myself being pulled deeper and deeper into the abyss the only way is down.

i'm not sure how much longer i can live like this i'm sick of hearing people talk about suicide. They say they want it, so why don't they just do it??? If it's a cry for help, just ASK for the fucking help. I'm also sick of hearing that suicide isn't what i really want. What the hell do they know? I do want it, and i will have it.

Being a teenager is extremely difficult.

Life Is Unbearable, You Know It's True, For What You Have Done, I Did This For You. -John M. TheThe Room by Balthus

As the web master, and psychologist for this page, I want to caution the readers to notice, that the many expressions of pain are subjective, perceived, and suffered. The objective facts in each case do not cause the reported pain. It is rather the victim's reactions to these circumstances that causes the dis- tress.

This view opens the door to the option of counseling or medica- tion to relieve the suffering. Failures or reluctance to seek professional help is always a personal choice, but the alterna- tives may be unnecessary suffering or avoidable death.