Answers to survey item NO. 14 printed verbatim. All names have been reduced to initials.

14. If you have already decided to kill yourself, would you care to write your last note now? Start with to "whom it may concern ".

To Whom It May Concern: Maybe I won't be a failure at this.

I tried, I'm sorry


to whom it may concern I'm sorry my life is fucked up ! and that it was my fault and that i am so fat !!!! I'm sorry !! i love u all - but i hate myself more and that's why i am doing this ! :) be happy smile !i am gone! away from u all !no note nobody cares!!!!

To Whom It May Concern: I'm sorry for the grief I've caused - past, present and future.

To whom it may concern: I know this will hurt you, but I am in too much pain to go on. I just can't take it anymore please help me

to whom it may concern, if i were kill myself, and I'm not, i would have to say...forgive me for being so stupid and forgive me for taking away so much from you. ..for I've taken what was so

shandy: I'm very sorry for these two wks...for giving u that much pain, but everything will be over now .... mum and dad: sorry, dent blame anyone, it's all my fault shawn: sorry for giving u all these hopes, take care of urself and my family (please) everyone: sorry ....

I won't kill my self because I'm not strong enough to have the guts I've been disappointed with my family all the time.

to whom it may concern.all this time you thought i was getting better.well i was.i was getting better at fooling you. I love you all but i just can't keep up this game.

whom it may concern: I'm dead, if you see this. i have nothing to live for and I'm sorry. i didn't mean to hurt you. i love you, i just don't want my life anymore. everything is so hard... I'm sorry... love peace and empathy, Kurt

how can i say what i feel? i can't. double standards, undesir- able, and no realistic expectations of ever getting it resolved. what can i say? to who? now. would it even matter? too little too late. for me, too bad. i guess the loudest thing i can say is nothing at all. just an exit from the play, or end of this show, all i know.

whom it may concern- what's this life for anyway? cap

whom it may concern, i am sorry

To Whom It May Concern, I am so sorry, I know that this is not what you wanted or expected. I know that I have hurt you and let you down, and I know it was selfish and wrong. I am sorry, I am just weak... There is something wrong with me, the way I think and feel, its like I wasn't really ever intended to survive in this world. Intended or not, I cant do it I am so indescribably sorry, but I just cant. i love you all and i just want you to know that this is not your fault, you couldn't help it.

I do not want to kill myself, I just want to know about the law

To whom it may concern: I have tried many methods to cope with pain and agony. But time and time it failed. Doctors only make me the more sicker and counselors only make me cry harder. Their is no moral support and the person I love the most don't understand what I am going through. Death seems to be the only way out.

want to call him and tell him I love him and that he don't know the pain of lost of a love one and the how the lost of a child is so painful to me. I want him to regret for not having help me when I ask for help. If you would please call him up and let him know of my pain. Cell Phone: deleted Work deleted.

To Whom it May Concern: I don't believe I'd write a note, actual- ly.

whom it may concern, i seem to have a tendency to fall in love with people who always crush my heart in the worst way i wish it would end

I can't take the pain and pressure anymore.

yeah this isn't gona do me any fuckin good

Whom it may concern: Suicidal thoughts have been a part of my psyche since I was four years old. They were years. Although I have chosen smoking as my particular form of suicide, it is nonetheless, self-destruction. The only difference in my path and others is my family and friends will be flee of guilt and will have the insurance money. It is not that I no longer wish to live, but truly warn to die and am comfortable with the method I have chosen. For anyone reading this considering suicide: don't do it (hypocritical, I admit - do as I say, not as I do). But I have been here for over 43 years and am getting fired of the malarkey. Thank you for this forum; it has clarified some issues for me. And I will tell those I love "goodbye" before I die.

to whom it may concern i have no love in my life i have nothing to live for i am just so tired

let's be serious, not snide

To whom it may concern, by-bye! I wrote a will, but then I did- dn't die, so i was pissed off at that.

whom it may concern, this is not your fault i did this because i needed to get away from everything

To whom it may concern, no one is concerned, what's the point.

Mommy I'm sorry

to whom it may concern- I want everyone to know that this act of death was no done to hurt anyone,I just couldn't take it any more. The depression is swallowing me whole. My soul is being devoured by an evil force that I cannot kill. What it takes I cannot get back. I am not sorry but I do regret not being able to save myself.

to whom it may concern I'm so sorry but i cant take it anymore i hate going day by day pretending not to hear the insults that i get or having to look at myself in the mirror every day and pretending to like what i have turned out to be a fat ugly mon- ster i just want to let you all know that i love you all with all my heart but I'd doing this to help myself to be happy for a moment so I'm sorry and i will always love each and everyone of you all my love.

To whom it may concern: Of the last couple years I have lost almost all hope in life. I wake up and remember how alone I'm going to be through the day. I'm ignored. Its just to much pain anymore. My parents don't even realize I would be up in my bed room with a knife laying on top of my wrist. Or they just don't care.

N. L. has made my life so miserable that I can no longer go on

remorse shame remorse shame remorse shame

i don't have a last note, it doesn't matter. anyone who knows the real me doesn't need an explanation, ppl who don't will never see no matter what i write.

nobody is to blame, only me and perhaps the devil. the devil exists, because i was not such a bad person and i didn't mean to inflict so much pain to others. but i made people suffer and, since i cannot punish the devil, i am punishing me.

to whom it may concern, I'm sorry and don't cry for me and follow in my footsteps and don't ever forgive me. well...~first i would like to tell everyone who has been a friend over the past...please when you think about me i would like to be remem- bered as someone who was funny. .someone who made you smile. And someone who was a friend. Sorry to disappoint you sean..but i did it! i don't know why but i did. Mom and dad... i loved you both

and i loved j.l. and k...but it was my time and god said "come live with me" an I said "yes i will". So i am gone me and remember me.

Whom it may concern, I'm sorry. I am a terrible person and de- serve to be dead. I can no longer live with the pain of my life and the miserable mess I've made of it.

I wanted at any price to be an extraordinary person, and, since I realize I am not, I want a least to leave the impression that extraordinary reasons prevented me from being extraordinary. so lonely

whom it may concern I can't take this anymore. I've tried - a whole year! But now it's just too much.


whom it may concern, i love my best friend A, but i don't care about anyone else in the world and its not anyones fault but my own

Last note? um ooh ok? well To whom it may concern... i feel that this could be needed for i feel like i need to die.. and that no one needs me anymore.. i really wish to be put out of my misery... so... well i take it u ppl in ur right mind (unlike me) could take it that I'm going to kill myself... um I LOVE YOU M. and I'm so so sorry i will miss you my love... :(

TheThe Suicide by Andy Warhol

As the webmaster of this page and Licensed Psychologist, I want to call the surfer's attention to an implicit notion most of the writers seem to have. That is the expecation that they will be around after their death. This takes the form of relief, obtain- ing peace, or some other expectation that things will be differ- ent after they have died. Whatever happens to our minds, souls, psyches or spirits, after death everything we understand is different